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Love Shore Institute Love Shore Institute for Mentally Challenged, a long cherished dream materialized, is a noble venture driven by sheer altruistic motives that made a humble beginning way back in 2001. Today it has attained sprawling growth and widespread recognition for its unflinching commitment to the downtrodden and the under privileged. The founders of this institute had a sublime vision when they set the foundation stone for such a bold endeavor. First and foremost its efforts are directed at rehabilitating the mentally and physically challenged sections of the society. Mentally retarded children have always been marginalized by the mainstream society primarily due to their inability to express themselves – their basic needs, emotions, desires and aspirations. Hence they suffer glaring inequality in society and are victims of the worst form of marginalization.

A mentally retarded child obviously raises a lot of anxieties in the minds of parents. The incessant prayer that rises from the mind of such a parent is to take her child’s life before hers. It was one such heartrending prayer that prompted the founders of this institute to mull over their pathetic plight and take remedial action. Every parent wishes to die in peace only when their children become self supportive and self reliant – and this seems to be a mirage when it comes to a mentally retarded child.

Love Shore made its humble beginnings at an ancestral home with a meager number of eighteen students. Gradually students flocked to this ‘haven’ and accommodating them in this congested house became an issue that demanded attention. A proposal to shift the premises to a new and spacious area arose. A plot of land was purchased for the purpose and with the financial aid of benefactors; the dream of a building of our own was realized. Now it is a matter of pride that nearly 300 students from various parts of Malappuram and Kozhikode are here at Love Shore in Pannikode and its wing at Othayi. Students from other states and tribal children are also enrolled here.

Once the infrastructure was set up, the issue of transportation cropped up. Majority of these children hail from poor families and hence charging even a nominal fee was out of the question. All the expenses including food, transport, uniforms and so on are met by the management itself along with donations from philanthropists.
Love Shore Institute has been functioning smoothly, thanks to the donations of kind hearted and benevolent souls. It is worth mentioning that a well wisher of this firm donated a school bus in memory of her deceased husband. Now our school possesses four buses availing transport facilities to students from different corners of Malappuram and Kozhikode.

The philanthropic efforts of Love Shore are not confined to the mentally retarded alone. It has made successful penetrations to all sections of society irrespective of region and religion. Its social welfare activities include building homes for the destitute and the homeless, getting the daughters of poor families married off decently, providing financial aid for the education of intelligent but poor students, providing monetary support and medical facilities to the aged and the ailing like water beds and drugs for cancer patients, Aids and appliances to the disabled, medicines to the sick and so on.

Loveshore Special Schools Bank Account Details

Account Name: Loveshore Institute For Mentally Challenged, Pannicode, Mukkom,673602 Calicut
Account Number: 10900100142081
IFSC Code: FDRL0001090
Brach: Federal BankMukkom

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